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Watch Repair Wholesale Partner

Our state of the art facility provides high end watch repair service. Jewelry stores throughout Florida and the Eastern United States rely on our expertise. We are third generation, family owned and operated.

Improve Your Business

If watch repair is not already a part of your services, now is the perfect time to add it! Simply sit back and let us make you a profit!

Do you already offer watch repair services? Are you tired of waiting months to receive your watches back? Allow us to handle your repairs so you can focus on the rest of your business! We offer fair prices and quick turnaround time.

We take the utmost care when cleaning and repairing your timepieces. Let us help take the stress out of your business.

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rolex collage.jpg Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL. rolex face, rolex band, rolex symbol

Simply put, we are the best!

We have a half-century experience in the jewelry and watch world. Our experienced watchmakers are experts in all things watches. Honesty and trust is important to us. While it is true, "if it ticks, we can fix," if a piece is beyond logical monetary repair, we will tell you upfront.

So, let's partner up! If you're looking for another way to add value to your business and clients, contact us today! We'd love to talk to you about how our high end watch repair services will benefit you. Simply fill out the form, call or email us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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*For jewelry & watch related businesses only, please

Thanks! We look forward to partnering with you!

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