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Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL. Watchmaker. Jewelry artist, watch. Brian Puentes


Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL USA. Edison Puentes Jr. watchmaker. jewelry artisian. Edison Puentes Jr.


Village Goldsmith is family owned and operated by our third generation expert watchmakers, Edison and Brian Puentes. They are graduates of the American Watchmaker Institute. For over 50 years our store has specialized in servicing high end watches. Our legacy began in Colombia with our grandfather’s fascination with watchmaking. Our father built a career from his father’s hobby and it has been our pleasure to continue offering high quality watch and jewelry service.

From before we can remember we worked with our father in his stores; watchmaking, creating custom jewelry and repairing high grade watches. We can't wait to see what we can create with you!

village goldsmith jewelers.jpg ormond beach, fl. family, family owned. shop local

Edison Sr. came to the U.S. in the 1970’s looking to build a vibrant life for his family. He learned many trades across the board but always went back to his favorite skill he learned from his father; watchmaking. After building multiple successful jewelry stores in Virginia, he came to Florida to retire. His passion continued to drive him, however and soon his children came to join him. Together, our family opened the next chapter of Village Goldsmith Jewelers here in Ormond Beach.

Edison Puentes Jr as a child in the jewelery shop. Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL

Edison Jr. is a highly skilled watchmaker and jeweler. He started working in his father’s shop when he was tiny and continued through his teen years. He joined the Navy fresh out of high school and devoted years of his youth to his country. He started a family and settled into airline mechanics. Turning wrenches and fixing the intricacies of engines were his specialty! His family roots called him back and Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach was established with his father and brother. Edison is trustworthy, patient and kind. He always has other’s best interests in mind and goes the extra mile. His passion is for family and he is a steadfast friend. You’ll often see him with a dog in tow and his favorite place is out on the water!

Edison, thank you for your service both to this country and to our family. We love, honor and appreciate you.

Brian Puentes with Santa. Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL

Brian has followed in his father and brother’s footsteps as an excellent watchmaker. Learning the craft at a young age, he became proficient in this art. His jewelry making skills are precise as well but you won’t often find him away from the watch bench for very long. He played professional soccer right out of high school and went to college for business administration. He is also a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. Just in time to join in the establishment of the Ormond Beach location of Village Goldsmith Jewelers! Brian is audacious. He seeks thrill and adventure; there’s never a dull moment with him. He’s easy to talk to and takes great care in his work. His attention to detail is superb. Like his brother, his passion is his family and you’ll often find him out on the water!

Brian, thank you for enhancing our family and this business with the treasure of who you are. We love and appreciate you!

Edison Puentes Sr and Jr. family working together. Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL
Brain and Edison Sr. Family working together. Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL
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