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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to get my watch or clock back?

Generally, watch repair/service takes 1-2 weeks. However, in some cases it can take longer:

*If parts are not in stock for your watch

*If a part needs to be specially made

*If the watch is not keeping time.

*If you have a vintage piece.

Clock repair can take 1-3months depending on workload and type of clock.

We will make every effort to get your timepiece back running on time as quickly as possible. 

Do I need to replace my watch battery if I don't wear it all the time?

Yes. Watch batteries, just like any others can leak! It is important to service all of the watches in your rotation; even if you don't wear them often. Many like to get them serviced around the holidays so that they are extra shiny and on time, for all the festivities. We recommend replacing batteries every 1-2 years.

What does a full watch service include?

Full service includes a one year guarantee on the timekeeping of current production models.

  • Disassembly

  • Refinishing the case and bracelet

  • Cleaning the movement

  • Replacements

  • Lubrication and reassembly

  • Timing calibrations

  • Water tests

Do you replace crystal?

Yes! We are full service watchmakers.

Rolex watch. Before and after. Cracked glass. Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL

Do you repair vintage timepieces?

Yes! We don't service Grandfather clocks, but any clock or timepiece you can bring in, we can look at.

vintage clock.jpg Village Goldsmith Jewelers, Ormond Beach, FL

How do I store a watch with a capacitor?

Solar & kinetic watches have capacitors. A capacitor is like a rechargeable battery.

Solar watches rely on light to keep their capacitor charged. It is important that these watches are not stored in the dark.

Kinetic watches rely on motion to keep their capacitor charged. Storing these watches on a watch winder is best.

How can I tell if my watch needs to be charged or if it needs a new capacitor?

If your Kinetic or Solar watch needs to be charged, the second hand will start skipping two seconds for every tick. When in doubt, try to charge it, If after 10 minutes of charging it is still not keeping correct time, the capacitor needs to be replaced.

Solar & kinetic watches rely on light to keep their battery charged. It is important that these watches are not stored in the dark.

Is my watch waterproof?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about water resilience for watches! The short answer is that no watch can be guaranteed waterproof. There's no way to tell when a seal will wear out or when water can sneak its way in. For this reason, it is important to regularly get your watch(es) serviced, even if you aren't wearing them all the time. This is especially important for vintage pieces.

Please note: if your watch dial has been replaced with an aftermarket dial, it will no longer be water tight so the water resistance is diminished.

Water resilience is  measured in METERS, BAR & ATM

30M, 3BAR, 3ATM: Safe for light moisture. (Running to the car when it's sprinkling.)

50M, 5BAR, 5ATM: Safe for light swimming, a quick shower. *Note that soap can cause the water resilience to lessen over time

100M, 10BAR, 10ATM: Good resilience, snorkel safe.

200M, 20BAR, 20ATM: Minimum level for scuba diving, safe for high impact water sports.

300+M, 30+BAR, 30+ATM: Exceptional water and pressure resilience.

How can I keep my automatic watch running?

A watch winder is a great way to keep your automatic watch wound when not in use. We have watch winders in stock in the store. 

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